Our Principles

Brefeo has adopted the innovative and sustainable environmental approach in its operations.

Being aware of the fact that the public embraces the “sustainable”, we adopt in our environmental activities integral, transparent and reliable management, as well as communication and collaboration with the public.

With such an approach, we manage our operations at each step of our development with an eye to their impacts on the environment.

Our Corporate Environmental Policy

We establish and implement our environmental standards at a level above and beyond the legal obligations.

We aim at perfection through intercompany information and experience sharing.

We adopt the proactive approach in all our operations for an uninterrupted improvement of our environmental performance.

We try to apply the best available production techniques.

We support environmental awareness and information sharing for purposes of social development.

Environmental Policy Requirements

We observe the environmental law and other statutory obligations

While implementing the environmental applications at a level above and beyond the legal obligations, we ensure the control of compliance.

We manage the intergroup source utilization

We determine the organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources, and ensure that our employees develop environmental awareness.

We continually try to improve and review our environmental performance

We set and implement targets for energy and waste management and for natural source consumption.

While aiming at continuous improvement through clean products and clean production technologies, we also take on the environmental responsibility of our products and services.